I help companies build out their content.

Writing is cheap, but writing well isn't. I work with companies to help them develop their content strategy: what to write, when to write it, who's going to write it, and where to distribute it. Here's some work I'm proud of:

I wrote about the mission and story of Datalogue, a startup in the Data Engineering space that's shaking things up.

I wrote about how Machine Learning can run on edge devices for Fritz.ai, a platform for creating mobile ML models.

Published Content

I've written for and been picked up by a few different news publications on the web.

I've contributed to VentureBeat a few times: about Data Science hiring, chatbots, new funding models, and the virtues of NYC.

I write for The Modest Man, a blog for shorter guys who care about how they look. My most recent post was about modest athletes.

In one of my articles on Crunchbase's news publication, I used data to explore whether startup formation is increasing.